Jan 31

Technical difficulties

After two months without any updates to this blog, I finally decided to post something here . . . only to discover that I couldn’t. I don’t know exactly what has happened, but suddenly I can’t publish any of the blogs I maintain that are hosted on Road Runner. (Blogs that reside elsewhere, such as GNO Central, continue to work just fine.) As far as I can tell, Blogger can’t establish an FTP connection to Road Runner. But I can use an FTP client to connect to Road Runner manually, just like always. So this is some bizarre problem that only crops up when both Blogger and Road Runner are involved.

I will continue to look into this, but in the meantime, I have moved my blog from Road Runner to the GNO Central server so that it can be updated again. Normal posting (whatever that means) will resume shortly.

UPDATE: The mystery is solved.