Jul 04


Is my blog dead? I don’t know. My blogging activities ground to a halt about a month ago because of two events that diverted my attention for a while, but neither of them is a valid excuse any longer.
The first event was opening night for Carousel on June 3. That play ran throughout the month of June and occupied most of my evenings and weekends. The second event was the unexpected loss of my job. I was informed on June 7 that June 10 would be my last day of work.
Losing my job actually freed up a lot of my time, of course, but this didn’t help as much as you might think. First of all, I had to spend some of that time trying to find a new job. Second, not having to go to work made it possible for me to sleep late, and since I was getting home from the theatre at midnight or later, that was quite easy to do. My sleep cycle still hasn’t stabilized.
But the play ended its run over a week ago, on June 26. And I’ve had time to get a grip on my job search. So why am I still not blogging? The truth is that I just haven’t felt like it. I don’t seem to have anything worthwhile to say. That may be a result of my altered circumstances, or it may mean something else. I haven’t yet figured it out.
When I do, I’ll let you know.