Another visit to IBM

Today’s interview went quite well, I think. It turned out to be a sort of combined interview for Managers G and H. As I understand it, the contractor they plan to hire will be a shared resource, doing work for both groups. When I got to IBM, I met first with Manager H and two members of her team. After chatting with them for about half an hour, I was ushered into another office to talk with a member of Manager G’s team. (G himself was offsite today.) They seemed to like what I had to say, and indicated that they would be making a decision quickly. This is consistent with what I was told later by the recruiter who set up the interview — they are in a hurry to fill the opening and will probably make a decision in the next few days. So at least I won’t have to wait long for a response.
Not that I’ll be sitting by the phone, biting my nails. Friday is officially a holiday at Perigee, but those employees who would like to earn extra money are welcome to work on Friday and Saturday, so I plan to do so.

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