Makes AdSense to me

Google AdSense is an advertising service that allows Web publishers to sell ad space on their Web sites. What’s interesting about it is that AdSense scans the content of your site and then guesses what sort of advertising is most relevant. And thanks to Google Weblog, you can find out what ads AdSense would place on your site — just enter your URL and click the Go button.
Of course I couldn’t resist trying this. I punched in the URL for this blog, and then reloaded the page several times to get a representative sample of the ads that AdSense thinks belong here. It came up with the following:

  • Star Trek stuff — books, games, items for sale on eBay, and Star Trek: The Experience.
  • Star Wars DVDs.
  • Dungeons & Dragons books and other D20 role-playing game products.
  • Movie posters.

Star Trek, Star Wars, eBay, D&D, and movies. That’s so accurate it’s scary. Perhaps AdSense bypasses your Web site and just reads your mind!

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