We’ve been on this shift too long

The deadline crunch that kept me from posting here for a while has now officially passed. In the part of IBM where I work, iterations of the software and documentation are called drivers for some reason. When I started this job six months ago, work was just starting on Driver 6, to which I contributed nothing worth mentioning. The deadline that just passed was for Driver 7, and this time I wrote a bunch of online help pages (which is why I was so busy the last couple of weeks).
Now we’re starting on Driver 8, and when my manager sent out an e-mail about the schedule, he attached an MP3 file containing an R.E.M. song called “Driver 8.” (You can hear a sample of it here.) Playing it through my headset, I found that I really liked the sound of it, but couldn’t make out all of the lyrics. And in the process of tracking them down on the Web, I discovered that the guy playing drums on this song was named Berry. Isn’t synchronicity fun? No, wait, that was The Police. Never mind.

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