The truth comes out

I have a confession to make. All through November, I have been secretly hoping for Jen’s NaNoWriMo effort to fail.
Wait, let me explain! I like to read Jen’s writing. And when she posts to her blog, I get to read it. But she doesn’t publish her fiction, so when she works on that, I don’t get to read it. And it’s a zero-sum game; every hour she spends writing fiction is an hour she doesn’t spend posting to her blog. So really, from my point of view, for her to write fiction is a bad thing. Can you blame me for hoping that she would give up early in the month and go back to blogging?
Well, it didn’t work. We’re nearly to the end of November, and Jen is still striving to meet the NaNoWriMo deadline. (As far as I know, that is.) But if she doesn’t make it, my rooting against her will serve another purpose. Instead of indulging in self-recrimination, she can blame me for sabotaging her effort with all of the negative psychic energy I’ve been sending in her direction. See, I’ve actually made a noble sacrifice on her behalf! I sure hope she appreciates this.

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