Don’t get cocky

My alma mater, the University of South Carolina, scored a victory at bowl game on New Year’s Day — specifically, the Capital One Bowl in Orlando. It’s true that the Gamecocks did not, technically, play in the Capital One Bowl. But team mascot Cocky won the College Sports Mascot competition. According to this newspaper article, Cocky defeated 11 other finalists, including “a bear, an alligator, two fierce felines and two large dogs.”
When I pointed this out to Bob (who also went to USC), he commented that a popular vote was a lame way to resolve such a competition. “It should have been a fight to the death,” he said. “I’d like to see how a chicken would fare against bears, alligators, and dogs.”
“Well, remember that this is a cockfighting chicken with razor-sharp blades strapped to his feet,” I said.
“Yeah, but it’s still a chicken.” Bob replied. “Unless it’s wearing armor and is packing a gun, my money is still on the carnivores.” I can’t argue with that.

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