Pioneers revisited

In my second post to this blog (written 3 October 2001), I tried to identify some of the astronauts who appear during the title sequence of Star Trek: Enterprise. Tonight I discovered that the website has a page that explains most of the images in the sequence. Does that mean I can now find out whether my guesses were correct? Well, not entirely. The Opening Credit Sequence Timeline doesn’t cover every single image in the credits, and some of the ones I tried to identify are among the missing ones. But let’s take another look at my list anyway. My guesses were as follows:

  • A test pilot in front of his plane — maybe Gus Grissom, maybe Chuck Yeager. The timeline doesn’t mention this image, so the pilot’s identity remains a mystery for now.
  • A close-up of Alan Shepard, suiting up for Apollo 14. Correct!
  • An Apollo crew during launch, probably on Apollo 13. Wrong! This shot does show three astronauts experiencing a launch, but they’re in the mid-deck of a space shuttle.
  • An Apollo crew walking down a corridor, possibly from Apollo 11. It’s an Apollo crew, but the timeline doesn’t say which one.

One right answer, one wrong answer, and two inconclusive ones. Rather unimpressive for a self-proclaimed Apollo buff. I guess I should hang onto my day job.

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