No rocket scientists here

Look at the comments on this blog post at the FuturePundit site. Have you ever seen so many clueless people in one place? It’s sad enough that they can’t tell the difference between a site that publishes an article about human egg donation and a site that’s actually soliciting human egg donors. And, considering that the main criterion for egg donors is intelligence, it’s rather pathetic that most of these would-be donors can’t even spell “donor” correctly.
My favorite of all these comments is the one from Ricardo Hernandez, who writes, “I’m interested in becoming an egg donor. I dont have a college degree but It doesnt mean that I am not smart.” That’s true, Ricardo, but here’s what does mean you are not smart: you believe you have eggs to donate. Sorry, dude, but being male disqualifies you regardless of your (alleged) intelligence.

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