I’ll bet this never happens to you

I was just chatting online with my brother when, from his point of view, I suddenly disconnected and vanished. When I managed to reestablish the connection a few minutes later, I explained what had happened: “My keyboard has a Power button, and I just found out what happens when a rat steps on it. Windows shuts down and the computer turns off.”
If you’re thinking that I need to call an exterminator, you aren’t familiar with my household. (Hi, Gail!) Our rats are pets, not vermin. They live in a cage, but we let them out to play and explore. This wasn’t the first time one of them has walked across the keyboard while I was chatting, but that normally just generates some random characters that I can easily get rid of with a few taps of the backspace key. Having the machine shut down is a little more difficult to recover from!

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