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I know I’ve said that I don’t usually do quizzes, but I couldn’t resist this one: What High School Stereotype Are You? And it’s been so long since I posted anything here that I suppose even a lame post is better than none at all.

Take the What High School Stereotype Are You? quiz.

No one who knows me at all can be even mildly surprised by this result. But I found the quiz a bit more challenging that I expected, because I had to figure out how to respond to quiz items that would have been utterly meaningless back when I actually was a high school student (1974-77):
It’s finally Sunday. I’m . . . One of the listed responses is “role-playing.” Well, Dungeons & Dragons did exist back then, but it was brand new and only a few thousand hardcore wargamers knew about it.
The school requires everyone to take a computer course. I . . . Another quiz item refers to “computer games.” In 1977, there wasn’t a single computer or computer terminal anywhere in my high school. Computers were for universities, big corporations, and the military. And outside of those places, the only computer game you were likely to see was Pong.
Make a saving throw versus poison. That’s another D&D reference, and would been completely incomprehensible to me in my high school days. Since then, I’ve racked up 25 years of experience playing D&D, and could make saving throws in my sleep. I mean that literally — if you whispered “Make a saving throw versus poison!” in my ear at 3:00 a.m., I would probably sit up in bed and lunge for my dice without a moment’s hesitation. (Yes, I keep gaming dice in my bedroom. Doesn’t everyone?)
I considered taking the quiz as if it were still 1977, but most of my responses would have been “huh?” So in the end, I pretended that I was attending high school now, and picked the responses accordingly. I suspect that my actual high-school persona was probably closer to Outsider, but only because it wasn’t possible to be a Geek by today’s standards (the closest you could get was to be a Nerd). But if I were thirty years younger, I’m sure I’d be a Geek now.

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