German spam update

I just checked my Gmail spam folder and was astonished to find that the German spam has stopped. On May 22, the spam was still pouring in: 40 spam messages, 39 of which were German. But on May 23, I only received four spam notes — and on May 24, only three. All of those were in English. The German spam went from a torrent to nothing overnight.
I don’t know exactly what happened two days ago, but I can guess. I think somebody tracked down the zombie machines that were sending the spam, and either disinfected them or shut them off.

One thought on “German spam update

  1. Somehow I missed your first “German Spam” post and just saw this one. When I first read the title, I didn’t even consider that you were talking about e-mail spam. Somehow, in my mind, I think of you as an even bigger geek than that. I had visions of Monty Python or some news story about how the German people had found Spam even tastier than their own meat concoctions. You disappoint me.