A penpal of mine in upstate New York once told me that that region has just two seasons: “winter” and “July”. Years later, after I moved to North Carolina, I learned that there were four seasons in that state, but they weren’t the usual four. The North Carolina seasons are “almost summer”, “summer”, “still summer”, and “Christmas”.
I’ve heard other variations of the Seasons Joke, and I’ve come to believe that every region of the U.S. (if not the world) has its own version. Gerard Van der Leun, who used to live there, wrote that New York City has two seasons: “winter” and “road work”. Southern California reportedly has four: “wildfire”, “mudslide”, “earthquake”, and “riots”. What are the seasons in other parts of the country? If you know another version of this joke, post it in a comment.

2 thoughts on “Seasons

  1. This isn’t an official joke, but I was reflecting on my years in Louisiana. That, and recent events, suggest Louisiana seasons of “hurricane”, “flood”, “mildew”, “mosquitoes.” “Ants” could be substituted for mosquitoes–ant trails everywhere, the sugar bowl filled with ants–you get the picture.