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If you’re wondering how Babylon 5: The Lost Tales is coming along, take a look at these photos. They include the new B5 logo and numerous pictures of sets and costumes.
Incidentally, if you read the Wikipedia article about The Lost Tales, you may notice that the Notes section includes a link to this Usenet article from 1996. In it, B5 creator and executive producer J. Michael Straczynski (JMS for short) answered the question “What would it take to convince you not to retire from television after B5?” (Retiring was his stated intention at the time.) JMS gave three answers to that question:

  1. An anthology show.
  2. A B5 spinoff that would complement the original series and not just capitalize on it.
  3. Something revolutionary for TV.

Wikipedia links to that article as evidence that over a decade ago, JMS was already talking about doing an anthology series. But in fact, The Lost Tales is all three of the things he expressed a desire to do. It’s an anthology show and a complementary B5 spinoff. It’s also revolutionary because it is being released directly to DVD, something no TV series has done before.
So who asked JMS that question in the first place, anyway? Well, actually, I did.

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