I reported here on January 31 that Blogger was no longer able to publish any of my blogs that were hosted on Road Runner. Now I know why. The following was posted to the Blogger status page on February 3:

Unfortunately, it appears that RoadRunner is now blocking FTP from any non-RoadRunner IPs (including Blogger) to its server where many RoadRunner users host their blogs. If this is affecting you, we encourage you to write to We’ll keep up the pressure from our end and work on a solution.

So my ability to host my blogs on Road Runner was broken because Road Runner deliberately broke it. Wonderful. It’s a good thing that, thanks to Virgil, I had somewhere else that I could move those blogs. If Road Runner wanted to reduce my loyalty as a customer and make me more amenable to the idea of switching to another broadband ISP in the future, this was exactly the right way to do that.
At the very least, Road Runner should have warned its subscribers that it planned to start blocking FTP connections from external IPs, instead of just doing so and leaving subscribers to figure out why things like Blogger didn’t work any more. Some explanation of why it was doing this also be appreciated — assuming Road Runner cares at all about how its customers feel.

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