Thumbs down

The last time I posted about my trigger thumb, I was careful to say that it was “in remission” rather than “cured”. It turns out that I was right. Starting on October 26, the symptoms began to reappear, and now it’s a daily occurrence again. I am back to using the heating pad every morning to restore my thumb to usability.
So the steroid injection provided only temporary relief. I have scheduled an appointment with my hand specialist for next Monday so that he can examine the thumb again and recommend what to do next.

One thought on “Thumbs down

  1. Don’t be discouraged. Dad’s hand required two injections, and since the second one, he has had no more trouble. We can’t recall how long it’s been, but surely it’s been well over a year, probably several years. So perhaps your doctor will decide to try the same treatment again. Whatever he does, we hope it works. Let us know.

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