Lightning strikes twice

I don’t know what the heck is going on at IBM, but it certainly seems to be working in my favor. It must also be making my cellular phone service provider very happy.
Another contract position at IBM for a technical writer was announced today, and my cellphone started ringing again. Apparently the word didn’t get out until late in the day, because the calls only started after lunch. But I still heard from three recruiters about it. By now one of them has submitted my resume to Manager B, who will be making the hiring decision. Yes, it’s the same Manager B that I talked to on the phone a couple of months ago. I also met her in person last year, when I was a lame-duck IBM employee trying to find a new job within the company. So I know for a fact that she’s seen my resume at least twice before. Perhaps the third time is the charm.
Why all the activity at IBM in recent days? I can only speculate, but it has been clear to me over the past year (both from my own knowledge and from what IBM insiders, such as Bob, tell me) that the status quo was not sustainable. IBM trimmed expenses substantially by laying off people, but the result was to leave many projects critically understaffed. I have no doubt that IBM managers have been screaming at their bosses for months that it was impossible for them to meet their deadlines if they were not allowed to hire anyone. Eventually one of two things had to happen: either permission would be granted to begin staffing up again, or product releases would have to be officially delayed or canceled.
I think the former has finally occurred. Somewhere within the IBM hierarchy, the word has been giving to end the hiring freeze. And so it begins: contract agencies are notified of new openings, recruiters at those agencies scan their databases for resumes that match the required experience, my phone starts ringing off the hook, and Alltel smiles at the prospect of all the extra minutes I’m going to use this month.
Meanwhile, my temporary employer is inviting me and my fellow schedulers to put in as many extra hours as we feel motivated to. It sure is nice to be in demand.

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