The eyes have it

My glaucoma screening at Kelly Eye Center was today. The technicians measured my intraocular pressure (IOP) again and gave me another visual field test. They also measured my corneal thickness (which affects IOP, so you have to allow for it when comparing IOP numbers). Then Dr. Talluto dilated my pupils and used an ophthalmoscope to look through the lens of each eye and examine optic disk (the spot where the optic nerve connects to the retina). And she saw exactly what we thought she would: cupping of the disk, indicating damage to the optic nerve.
It’s official — I have glaucoma. But the disease is in a very early stage, and now we can treat it. Dr. Talluto gave me eye drops to put in one eye for the next month, while leaving the other eye untreated. This will allow her to measure how well the medication is reducing the IOP. I’ll visit her again on March 4, and she’ll decide what the next stage of my treatment will be.

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