The ultimate Palm

The PalmPilot and its descendants have been around for almost a decade, but some people still aren’t convinced that they need one. Now there’s a Palm that will overcome their objections. The PaperPalm costs only five dollars, doesn’t require batteries, and can be dropped on a hard floor without breaking. There’s no software to install, and no learning curve. You don’t even need to use Graffiti — it can process your natural handwriting without error. But you may have to sharpen the stylus first.

One thought on “The ultimate Palm

  1. I don’t know… My husband seems to have the ultimate palm. Often, he comes home from work with any number of items jotted down in his actual palm. If he has to go to the hardware store and needs to remember some measurements, they go down in his palm. It isn’t always the most attractive palm, but he never leaves it behind and it never has fallen on the floor.